Great news! TeamAHK is recruiting new drivers! It doesn't matter if you race on-road or off-road! If you race R/C cars and thought about being sponsored, this is your opportunity! While being the fastest guy around is definitely a plus, it does not mean you will not be considered if you are not. Being a sponsored driver is more about promoting your sponsor, the products and mainly growing the hobby. Here are some of the criteria for being a sponsored driver:

- race in your area on a regular basis
- be willing to go to invite races to promote TeamAHK line of products
- being fast always helps!
- be willing to share ideas and knowledge with fellow racers, especially those new to the hobby
- be willing to be involved with promotional events, races, charities etc.
- conduct yourself in a way that always reflects Action Hobbies Kingsville and TeamAHK products in a positive manner at all times

So, you are asking what's in it for me? Being a sponsored driver for AHK gives you access to:

- special buys/pricing on your R/C equipment
- Team wear provided
- possible help getting you to some bigger invite races
- promotion, you promote us, we will promote you and your successes
giving you exposure to the possibility of more sponsors
- free practice at our tracks
- premium pit spots, we want you to be seen and heard!

So, what are you waiting for?!? A R/C racers goal/dream is to get sponsored, here is your chance! Do you think you have what it takes to join the AHK Team? Find out and apply now!

Apply Now

Rob Say began his RC Racing career in 2002 at the famous Honda House race track in Chatham Ontario. His first car was a Tamiya TL01 that he ran in the Tamiya Gran Turismo class. Rob steadily worked his way up the ranks over the next couple years until the track above Honda House closed in 2004. In the fall of 2004 Action Hobbies Kingsville opened up and became Rb's home track that he raced at on a weekly basis. After concentrating on 1/12th Scale and Micro for a while Rob decided to get into the premiere class at Action, the Stock Touring Car class. In Rob's first race he managed to TQ and actually win the race!

2013 Canadian On-Road National - Mini Champion & TQ
2013 Canadian On-Road National - Vintage Trans-Am Champion
13x March Meltdown Champion
5x Fall Fiasco Champion
3x Race Against Cancer Champion
7x SOS Series Overall Champion
9x Goodfellows Charity Race Champion
20x SOS Race Winner
2009 John "Postman" Posthumas Memorial Race Touring Car Champion
2008 RC Pro Expert Buggy Race Winner
2007 Fastcats Canadian Challenge Redemption Race Champion

Although Rob has raced pretty well every class there is to run in both onroad and offroad racing, Rob prefers indoor carpet racing. His favorite class is the Touring Car class. His favorite car of all time was the Xray FK05. Rob describes that car as the most indestructible and fun to drive car that he has ever had. Rob enjoys every aspect of the hobby from racing itself to calling the races, helping other racers setup their cars as well as getting behind the counter and helping out customers in the shop.

Ron began racing 1/12 scale in 1980 and moved on to 1/8 scale gas powered cars in 1985. The 1/8 scale cars allowed Ron the ability to travel and test his skills against the best in the Midwestern United States and Canada. Ron's talents became noticed in 1985 when Parma International offered him a sponsorship deal which would last until 1990.

In 1993 Ron was the champion of both the Midwest Series and ROAR region 5 (Illinois- Indiana-Kentucky-Michigan-Ohio-Wisconsin) in the 2WD 1/8 scale on-road gas division. During this same period Ron was also Canadian champion in 1/8 scale.

Ron took a hiatus from racing in 1993 as his young son was involved in a number of activities which limited the time available to race.

In 2008 the itch to race returned and Ron went to a Friday night event at Action Hobbies in Kingsville, just to watch. Ron bought a Mini the very next day and has raced nearly every Friday since. In 2011 he was the Champion of the March Meltdown Mini event. He is also a regular top finisher at AHK.

In January 2013 Ron was named to the TEAM AHK racing team and is looking forward to the competitive events in the future.

In his spare time, Ron enjoys playing hockey and spending time with his new grandson, Mason.

Hello my name is Ryan Saunders and I've been racing RC cars for about 9 years. I started with a Traxxas Bandit 2wd buggy and over the years I have raced in just about every class. I eventually settled on Stock Touring and 1/8th Offroad buggy.

Some of my achievements include:
-1st place- SPARC 2011 Season E-buggy
-1st place- Action hobbies and SPARC Summer Points Series 2013 E-buggy

My future goals are to keep improving and take home some big Stock Touring car titles one day.

Brandon got into the hobby of radio control when he received his first hobby grade R/C for Christmas in 2012. The following February he bought an Xray T2 and began racing in the VTA class on a regular basis in Kingsville. Brandon raced throughout the summer and with the help of others learned quickly and improved quickly as well. Brandon now focuses on Touring Car as well as F1, but plans to get back in to VTA very shortly.

Although Brandon has only raced locally in Kingsville, he looks forward to traveling throughout the province to attend races at other tracks representing TeamAHK and Action Hobbies Kingsville. Brandon also hopes to learn more and share his knowledge with others in the hobby.

Brandon is currently finishing his last year of college and is planning on a career in Policing. He enjoys playing hockey as well as coaching younger kids.

Lynsie Marie Auger

TeamAHK Model

I'm Lynsie. I was born in Yellowknife and now living in Amherstburg. My birthday is Oct 19!

I love music and is my life.
I also enjoy computer gaming, RC, experimental cooking (exploding spaghetti anyone?) ... and creative writing.

In my spare time, I like to just hang out with friends over a cold one. :)

You can find me at the TeamAHK booth at most events and shows!

Ashley Cote

TeamAHK Model

Hi, i'm Ashley Cote. I was born and raised in Windsor.

I enjoy kickboxing, singing, traveling, reading and modeling. I just started modeling and really enjoy it, and really excited to be part of TeamAHK Racing. Some of my dislikes are winter, raisins, and snakes. In my spare time i like to work on my vw convertible and hang out with friends at the local race track! I am also currently being trained in MMA fighting.

Hope to see you at the track or the ring!