A little bit about us.

Welcome to Action Hobbies Kingsville. The Largest Hobby Center in South Western Ontario, Canada. We are also the Home of the TeamAHK RC products and race team.
Our Business Principles: Honor, People and Value


We are committed to our products and services. We set out to be honest and straight forward with all our customers. We don't pride ourselves over sales figures, but we are proud of being honest and fair.


Action Hobbies Kingsville was created with one simple idea: to put people first. We are dedicated to finding better ways to serve you. In the process, we hope to get to know you better not just as a customer, but as a friend.


We are a company that talks straight, does what it promises and delivers goods and services at a fair price. Our sales policy is: "What we promise, is what you get."

Of course, you can always come down to our store and check it all out for yourself!

In 2004, Action Hobbies Kingsville was created by three business partners: Junior Renault, Chuck Swaddling and Bob Swaddling. In late 2012, Action Hobbies Kingsville added another partner to the team, Vincent Lip. All four partners bring different hobby knowledge into the fold.

Junior is an experienced R/C car and boat driver. He is also a very skilled R/C helicopter and aircraft pilot. Bob has years of plastic model building experience and a life-long passion for model trains. Bob's articles have been published in many modeling magazines around the world. Chuck (Bob's son), also has an interest in trains and plastic models and he has many years of racing R/C cars under his belt. Vincent has R/C helicopter and aircraft experience and is very well versed in First Person Viewing applications.

The combined knowledge of the four partners covers all the aspects of what the initial vision of Action Hobbies Kingsville was to be. The shop has onsite:

- a fully stocked hobby shop
- a working HO train layout
- an indoor carpet R/C car on-road track
- an outdoor dirt R/C car off-road track
- plenty of work/pit area for racers
- a lounge area
- a work shop
- an R/C flight simulator
- a tire truing room
... and much more!

One of the reasons Action Hobbies Kingsville has been so successful is the people. There are many family, friends and volunteers that contribute in numerous ways. From running R/C races, changing the R/C track layouts, packing and unpacking for trade shows, setting up for train slide shows to helping out a fellow hobbyist with some questions, there is always someone willing to help. They are fueled by passion for the hobby and they share an immense sense of camaraderie.

In the fall of 2012, Action Hobbies Kingsville launched a subsidiary company and brand, TeamAHK, to produce its own line of unique RC products. TeamAHK specializes in RC power systems, mainly LiPo batteries, Electronic Speed Controls and Brushless Motors. TeamAHK is the new name of the former Action Hobbies Sponsorship program. It also encompasses its own in-house R&D, Marketing and Service Departments.

TeamAHK has its very own manufacturing factory overseas. All research, design and development are done right in Kingsville, Ontario by local racers and hobbyists! We are very excited to have this opportunity to bring high quality RC products directly into Canada and provide them to everyone!

Junior Renault

Chuck Swaddling

Tim Swaddling
Operations Manager

Mark McAuslan
R/C Sales & Tech